About International Association of Atheists

International Association of Atheists (IAA) was created out of a need for an atheist nonprofit ready to take on the tough issues, like human rights, and willing to be fully transparent and ethical. IAA will focus on bringing evidence-based education to theocratic countries, ending blasphemy laws, supporting atheists in danger, and providing tools for the atheist business owner.

Our Mission

The mission of IAA is to educate, protect, and assist atheists internationally.

Our Vision

IAA envisions a future in which atheists have the opportunities and resources they need to participate openly and confidently in every aspect of society.


The directors and staff at International Association of Atheists all have extensive experience working with nonprofits, many of us specifically with atheist nonprofits. What we discovered during those experiences is that nonprofits are not always what they seem from the outside. We found that nonprofit work attracts egos and egos get in the way of accomplishing the mission. Often, what a nonprofit says they are doing is not always what they are actually doing.


IAA has a different vision. We want to show you exactly what we are doing with the donations you send in support of our initiatives. We want to give you results.

This organization arose from the desperation that came with being an outspoken atheist personality that received, endlessly, pleas for help. It sprouted from the hopelessness of having to tell abused, tortured, jailed and threatened apostates that there is nothing we can do to help them. This organization was borne of sheer heartbreak and the only way we can think to better this situation is to put your support to work.


We are different from the rest, because we don’t care if you know our names. We don’t care if you recognize our faces. We don’t even care what you think of us personally.

We just want to make this world safer for those who no longer believe in a god.

And let’s face it, it will be all of you who make that happen, not us. It is your monetary donations, your willingness to share our initiatives and your words of encouragement that will enable us to carry out our mission. At IAA, you are the saint, you’re the selfless one. At IAA, you are the superstar.


International Association of Atheists began in 2020 with a vision to make the world safer and easier to navigate for atheists. Here are some of the initiatives we have set out to take on:

  • Expanding evidence-based education in theocratic countries

  • Providing tools for atheist business owners to overcome discrimination in business

  • Social opportunities for atheist seniors

  • Fighting blasphemy laws

  • Supporting at-risk atheists in theocratic countries


If you are interested in being a part of this movement and want to get notifications when we mobilize to take action, please sign up for our newsletter:


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