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About International Association of Atheists

The International Association of Atheists (IAA) was created out of a need for an atheist nonprofit ready to take on the tough issues, like human rights, and willing to be fully transparent and ethical. IAA will focus on bringing evidence-based education to theocratic countries, ending blasphemy laws, supporting atheists in danger, and providing tools for the atheist business owner. Our organization is for atheist-friendly people just as much as it is for atheists as we feel we can accomplish much more together.

Our Mission

The mission of IAA is to educate, protect, and assist atheists internationally.

Our Vision

IAA envisions a future in which atheists have the opportunities and resources they need to participate openly and confidently in every aspect of society.

Our Culture & Core Values
We believe our culture and values are differentiators

As Humanists, we follow the Amsterdam declaration of 1952, updated in 2002. You can read it here. In short, we strive to be ethical, rational and socially responsible while we stand for democracy, human rights and personal liberties.


As an international atheist organization, we strive to represent all atheists. Our board and staff reflect the diversity in the atheist community while we stand strong against bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and ableism. Read our official Equal Employment Opportunity policy here.

Our success as an organization depends on your support. We feel strongly that the best way to earn and maintain that is by showing you results. We received the Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar soon before our organization was four months old. Our commitment to you is to be an open book.


Many atheists throughout the world face consequences for leaving their religion. It is a fundamental necessity that our organization commit to confidentiality because lives are on the line. That’s why we don’t collect your address when you sign up as a member and allow you to opt-in to having your membership package sent to you. Our website is secure, our staff and board have all signed confidentiality agreements and there is zero-tolerance for defying this core value of IAA. 


We want to empower atheists to feel free to live as they are. Further, we want to highlight and boost the voices of marginalized groups within the atheist and atheist-friendly community. Through hiring, volunteer opportunities, our apprenticeship program, and filling spots on our board, we would like to empower all of our fellow atheists in their activism. 


One thing that religious people do well is provide community and while this concept is not the most important thing to some atheists, others miss it very much. At IAA, we wish to foster an environment that feels like a community, where we collaborate with our supporters, creators, and our partners. We can get more done together than we can apart. 



International Association of Atheists began in 2020 with a vision to make the world safer and easier to navigate for atheists. Here are some of the initiatives we have set out to take on:

  • Expanding evidence-based education in theocratic countries

  • Providing tools for atheist business owners to overcome discrimination in business

  • Social opportunities for atheist seniors

  • Fighting blasphemy laws

  • Supporting at-risk atheists in theocratic countries


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