Advisory Board

Nathan Phelps 🇨🇦

Nathan Phelps is a Canadian-American author, speaker and activist. He has traveled throughout North America and the UK speaking about the dangers of religious extremism. He has served as the Executive Director of the Centre for Inquiry in Calgary, co-founder of the Alberta Secular Conference, and as a board member for Recovering from Religion.  

Mubarak Bala🇳🇬

Mubarak Bala is a prolific humanist activist in Nigeria. 

Obaid Omer🇨🇦

Obaid was born in India. His family moved to Canada when he was six. He became an atheist at age 16. His work has taken him to war zones and disaster areas, and he's seen first hand what sectarian violence can do to a country and people. Obaid is a proponent of Enlightenment values and free speech.

Deana M Naraparaju🇬🇧

Deana is an archaeologist by profession, and a lifelong atheist with three grown-up children. She is also a pro-active blogger and activist in a world that needs more humanism.

Alix Jules🇺🇸

Alix co-founded the largest humanist group in Texas (The Fellowship of Freethought) and has various affiliations with national skeptic organizations, humanist groups, and STEM associations. He's been featured in Ebony Magazine, Time Magazine, and quoted in the Oxford Journal of Sociology of Religion on conceptualizing identities.

Brian Keith Dalton 🇺🇸

Brian Keith Dalton is a secular activist who created a series of satirical short films that parody aspects of religion called Mr. Deity.

Donovan Badrock 🇦🇺

Donovan Badrock is a well-known writer and activist in the online atheist community. He resides in Melbourne, Australia with his fiancé.

The IAA Advisory Board (AB) provides non-binding strategic advice to IAA personnel.
The AB does not vote on IAA matters or bear fiduciary responsibilities.