Join an exciting team of atheists working hard to make things happen.  

The benefits of the International Association of Atheists' apprenticeship program are many. As our apprentice, you will acquire many work skills that will help you in numerous career paths. You'll learn administrative skills as they apply to an international organization. You will dabble in marketing and budgeting. You might earn some experience in management and team building. You'll also get to learn about the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face. 

You're also going to be given a small stipend as our thanks to you, and you'll be able to walk away with a letter of reference and a group of friends who can vouch for you in any professional setting. 

We can't forget, either, the rewarding nature of nonprofit work. While it can be hectic, stressful and even heartbreaking sometimes, the good far outweighs the bad. It is purposeful, rewarding and fulfilling.

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Image by Georgie Cobbs