We thought we'd show you what we spend our money on and let you decide how to chip in. View the list below, choose what you'd like to sponsor and click the donate button. 

General Operations

Unlimited - this goes straight into our general funds for various purposes.

Any Amount

Secular Underground Network Emergency Grants

Unlimited need - these are small grants given to atheists on the run from dangerous situations. They pay for housing, transportation, food, asylum/refugee paperwork, etc.  

Thank you to the following sponsors: Gail Miller (2020)

$500 ea

Mubarak Bala Secular Education Fund

Unlimited need - this fund is named for our friend and colleague, Mubarak Bala and will be used to help fund secular education programs around the world.

Any Amount

Marketing Expenses

5 needed for 2020 - expenses include printed materials, social media tools, video and graphic design software, etc.

$100 ea

Web Hosting

$300 ea

Google Voice

5 needed for 2020 - We use Google Voice to speak to each other, partners, members and our SUN cases all over the world. 

$25 ea

Project Management Software

4 needed for 2020- This software enables us to work and view each other's work as a team.

Thank you to the following sponsors: Anonymous (August 2020)

$50 ea

Shipping Expenses

2 needed for 2020- These expenses are for shipping our membership packages, promotional materials and more. We spend about $250 per quarter.

$250 ea

Ascend Customer Management Software

5 needed for 2020 - This software helps us keep track of everyone who contacts us, orders our merchandise or signs up as a member or partner.

$59 ea

Padded Envelopes

4 needed for 2020 - We ship our membership packs out in these so that your goodies don't get ruined!

$100 ea

Membership Card Blanks

2 needed for 2020 - we print our membership cards on PVC blanks and spend about $25.00 per quarter.

$25 ea

Shipping Labels

2 needed for 2020- we spend about $25.00 per quarter.

$25 ea


5 needed for 2020- Thank yous for our tremendously hardworking personnel.

$100 ea

So Here's Something NEw


Shop on Amazon like you normally would, but with our Smile link, a portion of what you buy is donated to IAA.