An Afterlife For Atheists

Generous giving that costs you nothing during your lifetime.

Image by Jeremy Pelletier

As atheists, we don’t believe in an afterlife, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to continue to do good after we’re gone. A legacy gift to International Association of Atheists ensures our values are still being fought for long after our brief moment in time is over. 

Your gift ensures that IAA can:

  • Continue to fight for secular rights around the world

  • Expand secular education in the places that need it the most

  • Stand up for those who are being arrested, charged, detained and killed for blasphemy

  • Ensure atheist business owners have just as many networking opportunities as business owners with faith

  • Enable atheist seniors to get out and socialize without worrying about discrimination or judgment

  • Feed, clothe and house orphans and students in war-torn and poverty-stricken areas of the world.

  • Fight to make the world a more welcoming place for atheists 

Types of PLanned Giving 

There are several different ways that you can leave a gift for International Association of Atheists

Let Us Thank You

If you choose planned giving to benefit International Association of Atheists, we would love it if you let us know. We want the opportunity to thank you, personally, for your gift.