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41 Reasons to become a member of International Association of Atheists

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The very nature of a nonprofit is such that we are entirely impotent without the support of people like you. We can do nothing, help no one and affect zero change without our volunteers, donors and members. The more we have, the more power we have to make a difference. That makes the biggest reason to become a member of International Association of Atheists the fact that your membership enables our work, pure and simple. But here are some more reasons why you might consider joining:

1. At IAA, we work to support and rescue atheists in danger. We currently have 18 cases. This can be very stressful. Your support lightens that heaviness - knowing we have a crowd behind us who believe in our work makes every day a little bit easier. Read more about our Secular Underground Network program here.

2. We were awarded the highest possible seal of transparency by Guidestar before we had even been a registered charity for four months. Check out our Guidestar profile here.

3. We work tirelessly to highlight the projects and initiatives of our partner organizations and have raised over $16k for them in under four months. Your organization can become a partner free of charge here.

4. We value transparency and post screenshots of bank transfers and other proof that we sent money where we promised we would. We want you to know exactly where your money is going.

5. We were awarded the bronze seal of transparency by Guidestar on our two-month anniversary.

6. We are inclusive. We are almost entirely female-run (by chance, we have nothing against you, men!), have LGBTQ, PoC and even veterans represented on our board. We have a robust equal opportunity employment policy. Read that here.

7. We have cool membership perks like beautiful pins, bumper stickers & high-quality membership cards printed on PVC. Grab yours here.

8. We are working on tools for atheist and atheist-friendly business owners so we can network and build business relationships without the worry of discrimination. Watch a video with more information here.

9. Our donation page lets you choose what you want to sponsor and shows you exactly what we spend our money on. Check that out here.

10. Penn Jillette thinks we’re sorta neat. Check this out:

11. We received our silver seal of transparency from Guidestar on our three-month anniversary.

12. We raised over $8000 USD for Mubarak Bala’s legal aid fund. We sent every cent to Humanists International, who have retained Mubarak’s lawyers.

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13. One of our most important goals is to spread secular, evidence-based education to the far corners of the globe. We have, in just four months, already made that happen for 41 kids in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read more about our plans with secular education here.

14. We raised over $3000 for Free Hearts, Free Minds and their important work with ex-Muslims. We sent it to them as soon as possible.

15. We want to fight against blasphemy laws and help those affected by them. Read more about Legal Aid for Blasphemy here.

16. We raised close to $5000 for orphans in the DR Congo and sent every cent to Humanist Global Charity. It is already being used for children's education.

17. We think it’s time to highlight fresh new faces in the atheist community. We want to work with the Youtubers, activists and bloggers who have come after the Four Horsemen era of atheism. We want to lift you up while doing good.

18. We are happy to work with not only atheists but atheist-friendly people and already have one interfaith partner. We feel that the more people we have on our side, atheists or not, the more effective we become.

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19. One of our goals is to empower atheists of all shapes and sizes to get involved, to live free as an atheist and to be seen and heard in the atheist community.

20. We skipped the gold seal of transparency level at Guidestar and went straight to platinum.

21. Richard Dawkins Foundation wrote about our #oneAtheist campaign here.

22. We firmly believe in compensating our staff for their hard work. We are working toward having the ability to pay our staff a livable wage. With compensation comes accountability, reliability and a higher quality of output.

23. The #oneATHEIST campaign, bringing the atheist community together for good! Thanks, KC and John Gleason for our promotional video:

24. We firmly believe that if we are going to stand up in front of the world representing atheists, we must do so with polish, diplomacy, respect and dignity. We want to earn your pride.

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25. We want to build community for atheists to help fill a void left behind by religion. The need for a nice, welcoming place for apostates to land is huge and we hope to be able to provide it.

26. Edmonton Atheists wrote about how excited they are to see what is to come. Check that out here.

27. Representation. We strive to represent all atheists, agnostics, and "nones". Our board and staff reflect the diversity in the atheist community while we stand strong against bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and ableism.

28. In just four months, we have been able to onboard 27 partners and that number grows constantly. Sign up to be a partner here.

29. Conskeptic thinks you should join IAA. Click here to read why.

30. In September, we’re launching a campaign to promote secular education in India. Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted when it starts. Just fill out the form in the footer to subscribe.

31. As Humanists, we follow the Amsterdam declaration of 1952, updated in 2002. You can read it on the Humanists International website here. We strive to be ethical, rational and socially responsible while we stand for democracy, human rights and personal liberties.

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32. Co-founder Bridget Gaudette has a degree in nonprofit management and extensive experience working for nonprofits all over the United States.

33. Co-founder Courtney Heard has over 20 years of experience in marketing and business management with a specialty in nonprofits and digital marketing.

34. We are just four months old and we already have thousands of supporters all over the world.

35. We have collected nearly 8000 signatures on our petition to free Mubarak Bala. Sign here.

36. Co-founder Gail Miller has extensive experience running nonprofits and is a retired social worker. She makes use of these skills working to help atheists in crisis.

37. Deana Naraparaju and Nancy Drew head up our SUN program which aims to rescue atheists in crisis and they are currently working with Gail on 18 cases.

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38. We welcome criticism and suggestions, and we see your questions as an opportunity to prove how much we value transparency. Get in touch here.

39. Andrew Hobson is our operations director and can complete about 140 things at once while juggling. We call him our unicorn because he’s a once-in-a-lifetime find.

40. We will be working on programs for senior atheists just as soon as the pandemic calms down. Keep your eyes peeled on this page for more to come on that.

41. One of our core values is confidentiality as we deal with cases of a sensitive nature. All our volunteers, staff and board sign a confidentiality agreement which is something each of us found lacking at many of the other organizations we worked for previously.

Of course, the last reason for you to join is simply that we’d really like you to. We need you and your support for everything we aim to accomplish. The fact is, we can do nothing without supporters. You are just as important to this organization as we are. So please, become a member of International Association of Atheists now.

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