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A Plea From One Of Our Co-Founders

Many of us have left religion behind. In my case, it was the Jehovah's Witnesses, a very high-control group. Rejecting this religion resulted in being disowned by my parents and brothers as well as the loss of most of my friends. In short, my world collapsed around me.

As a result of my own experiences, I can imagine what it's like to renounce Islam. Atheists tend to be quite vocal about the evils of Islam, but what happens when a person heeds these warnings and others and actually leaves? What Yasmine Mohammed found for herself or others was anxiety, depression, even thoughts of suicide. That's why she started Free Hearts, Free Minds (FHFM) and why they were our featured partner for the month of June which included a fundraiser.

FHFM offers a six-week program developed by Life Coach, Jimmy Bangash who has lived through the experience of leaving Islam himself. In Yasmine's own words:

He takes people through a program which he developed along with his university professors that helps to give people who are feeling completely helpless and hopeless—because even speaking to a friend, family member, or spouse could get them arrested or killed—to help them deal with the trauma, guilt, and self-hate by providing coping mechanisms and strategies.

Our goal was to raise at least $3,000 and we are almost there. Please help us, help ex-Muslims in their process of leaving Islam behind and getting on with their lives. I'm walking proof that there is life after religion. Now, let's pave the way for others.

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Co-Founder, Bridget R. Gaudette, MPA

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