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Amnesty and USCIRF Add Their Voices To The Fight For Mubarak Bala

In the fight to #FreeMubarakBala, we have finally broken out of the atheist bubble. We received news today that Amnesty International has launched a campaign to free Mubarak. With their reach and influence, we feel this is a huge step in the right direction. While we still have no word as to whether or not Mubarak is even alive, we are hopeful that adding Amnesty to the list of names standing up for him will pressure the Nigerian authorities into releasing some sort of statement regarding Mubarak's condition.

You can add your name to Amnesty's campaign here. Please take just a few minutes and do so.

We also have seen a statement given by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF). This is a commissioned project by the Federal Government of the United States of America and they have openly condemned the arrest of Mubarak. USCIRF Chair Tony Perkins has demanded that,

Nigerian authorities must immediately clarify Mr. Bala’s situation, ensure his safety, and provide him the full protections he is guaranteed under the Nigerian Constitution and international law.

Please read the full statement from the USCIRF here.

So now, we wait to see if these demands are met. We wait to see if the Nigerian Authorities will release information on Mubarak's condition, whereabouts and charges. We await the news and are hopeful that it's good.

Here's how you can help:

  1. Sign the petition here.

  2. Tweet the Nigerian authorities by clicking here.

  3. Join in on the Amnesty International campaign here.

  4. Use the #FreeMubarakBala frame on your Facebook profile here.

As atheists, we still face discrimination, even in western countries. Just two days ago, our Communications Director was asked for an interview by Thomson Reuters regarding Mubarak Bala's case. When the reporter discovered that Mubarak had been locked up for blasphemy and not as a result of discrimination against LGBTQ, the reporter decided to drop the story. It's not enough of a story if the person being threatened with death is an atheist.

This is why we must continue to fight all injustices against atheists and there is power in numbers. Please consider becoming a member if the International Association of Atheists, so that each and every time someone tries to lock one of us up, our numbers just keep growing and our voices just keep getting louder.

Sign up now, here.

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