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Congolese humanists say thanks for funding sanitary pad projects in 7 hours

There are so many obstacles that get in the way of education in developing countries. This is why we are starting to tackle secular education in many directions, a comprehensive, 360° approach. Tuition and school supplies are needed for schooling, but so is proper sleep, adequate food, clothing, and even sanitary pads.

One of our well-established partners, Humanist Global Charity (ran by Henri Pellisier) has funded several projects for sanitary pads and came to us to help with the final five. He informed us that not having these pads equalled more lost days in school or even permanent removal from school at a young age leaving them incredibly disadvantaged. We are proud that the atheist community came together in full force and raised the funds needed for 5 humanist groups needing $300 to buy the equipment and materials in only 7 hours! Here are their thank-yous:

We knew we had to share these with you because we could not have done this without your support. Thank you so much!

There is no feeling quite like being a part of something like this. Becoming a member means you don't miss out on future opportunities to spread secular education around the world.

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