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Coping with Corona: You Do You

The entire human population of the earth is dealing with a pandemic. It's affecting each and every one of us in our own way. These are unprecedented times and none of us has any experience coping.

That doesn't stop some of us from thinking we do have expertise on how to cope.

Our co-founder, Courtney Heard, wrote a piece on her blog, Godless Mom, about coping with a pandemic. She says don't let anyone tell you you're doing it wrong,

"My husband and I are dealing with this crisis differently, and neither of us feels that the other is doing it wrong. We are different people. Some of the messages I’ve seen shared around social media are just straight up shaming. For those of you who are suggesting we can’t make jokes about this epidemic, that dark humour is not a valid or moral way to cope: you’re wrong. Mental health professionals going back to Freud all recognize humour as an effective mechanism to cope with stress, and studies have repeatedly shown that those who deal with humour have found an effective way of reframing and normalizing their experiences. If you don’t have humour as a tool in your arsenal of coping mechanisms, that doesn’t mean that because I do, I am wrong. And vice versa, just because I deal with humour, doesn’t mean you need to as well."

Of course, there is one caveat. We must ensure that the way we cope doesn't infringe on the rights nor well-being of others.

Read the post on the Godless Mom blog here and let us know in the comments some of the ways you have been coping with the stress of this pandemic.

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