• Michelle Bennett

He's On A Kill List, In Grave Danger And He Needs Your Help

In 2014 the radical Islamic group Boko Haram kidnapped two hundred and seventy-six mostly Christian girls from a school in Chibok, Nigeria. Since then, Joel Dauda Ndirmbita has experienced more than just losing his sister to that now-infamous kidnapping. She is still missing. Things just keep getting worse.

From left to right: Joel, Joel's sister and Joel's burned down shop.

Today, Joel is fighting for his life - in every way one can imagine. He has a plan for a better life...he just needs a little help. Even some of his friends have joined Boko Haram, and he is now on a “kill list” simply because he doesn’t believe as they do. Joel has lost loved ones most recently to an attack on a local farming village in Zabarmari, Borno, where at least forty-five rice farmers were slaughtered. His shop and properties have been burnt to the ground.

He has just recovered from malaria. His livelihood destroyed and his loved ones systematically either being killed or disappearing, Joel presses on. Joel has contacts who can help him start a new life as the teacher and activist he has been. All that stands in his way is funding. With your help, he can escape the daily threats against his very breath and livelihood, and perhaps find himself in a more stable place where he might finally find his sister and begin to live an authentic life without fear.

Please give to help us help Joel.

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