• Courtney Heard

Help Us Bring Critical Thinking To The Women Of Uganda

Up until now, our secular education initiatives have all focused on children. Today, we are excited to announce a campaign to raise funds for a vocational school that teaches marketable skills to women in Uganda.

Uganda is a very religious country, with many women expected to become mothers and keep house and nothing more. This leaves them in a precarious position. They rely solely on their husbands to provide for them. But with so many diseases and conflicts in the region threatening lives, often women will become widows and sometimes, they’re widowed with young children. They have no skills, no way to provide for themselves and their children and it perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Religious belief in Uganda supports these traditional roles for women but we’re going to help Pearl Vocational Training College defeat this dogma.

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Pearl Vocational Training College works with young students, mostly women who have been widowed or are young mothers, and teaches them skills they can use in a career or be self-sufficient. The school’s mission statement is,

To provide evidence-based education through skills that promote critical thinking, innovativeness and self-reliance.

Programs that Pearl offers are:

1. Tailoring, Garments and Fashion Designing Engineering.

2. Cosmetology and Hair Dressing

3. Art and Craft Engineering

4. Filming and Photography

5. Gardening and Farm Management

6. Bridal ( decorations and Designs) and Events Management

7. Building and Bricks Engineering.

8. Functional Adult Literacy (Reading and Writing skills for adults who missed school)

9. Music, Dance and Drama (Dance, Guitar and Piano Lessons)

10. Certificate in Catering

11. Humanist Celebrants’ Training

All students must take the following courses:

  • Computer Lessons

  • Business English

  • English Language

  • Finance Literacy

  • Agro Business skills

  • Critical Thinking and Analysis Skills which includes Debates.

As part of their ongoing courses in agriculture, the Pearl Vocational Training College is seeking support to start a maize mill that will enable the students to make maize flour. The flour will be sold to the people within the community but also fed to the school population.

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The maize mill will also give us husks which we shall use to start other income-generating projects including raising piglets, goats and rearing chicken.

To this end, Pearl Vocational College is looking to purchase a husk separator. The budget for this machinery is $1500. In cooperation with our partner, The Humanist Association for Leadership, Equity and Accountability (HALEA) of Uganda, we are asking for your help. We are requesting that IAA supporters get us to that goal so that we can enable this worthy school.

Even just chipping in a dollar can bring this worthy group closer to purchasing their husk separator and closer to being totally self-sufficient.

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