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Here's Your Opportunity To Send The Kids of The Slum Communities in India To School

What truly drives us all at IAA is the desire to help people, and we know the best way to do that is to give people the tools to help themselves. We want to invest in a sustainable future for people in need. That's why Secular Education is our passion. Education enables people to create a better life for themselves. This month, we want to introduce you to one of our partners who feels the same.

Responsible Charity was founded by Hemley Gonzalez. Gonzalez experienced firsthand the abuse and horrible conditions which men and women were subjected to under Mother Teresa's charity in Calcutta. He became so vocal that in 2010, Forbes magazine interviewed him about it and forced the religious order to temporarily shut down and revamp the very first home Mother Teresa opened.

Hemley then returned to Kolkata and began working directly in the slum communities where he felt that his efforts were positively and effectively changing lives. He started several online and physical campaigns to raise awareness about the issues he saw in these communities. As well, he shed some light on the challenges the children face daily. That is how Responsible Charity came to be.

Responsible Charity develops radical secular education and family programs for children living in slum communities in Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai. Aimed at eradicating poverty, their 15-year plan starts at childhood and ends in college graduation.

  • Selection - Identifying children most likely to succeed.

  • Scholarship - Full sponsorship in private English medium schools.

  • Mentorship - Private tuitions & personal coaching.

  • Music & more - Creative after-school programs.

  • Community Outreach - Financial assistance for each household.

  • Family Planning - Birth control & medical assistance.

  • Sustainability - Jobs & income opportunities for parents.

When we sat down with Hemley Gonzales to discuss his program, we were amazed at how well it fit into our Secular Education 360° vision. Secular Education 360° is an all-around approach to education, tackling all of the obstacles that get in the way of a child's schooling. Last month, we raised $1500 USD for sanitary pad projects in DR Congo because often, when there is no access to sanitary products, menstruation can get in the way of attending school. In poverty-stricken communities all over the world, this is one of many issues that prevent children from getting to school. Other issues include the health of the parents, especially the mother, the number of kids in a family, access to food and clothing, having a place to get a good sleep and a lot more.

Hemley's entire organization runs this way, providing for families in the communities he works in so that, together, they can chip away at the roadblocks that stand in the way of education.

For September, we are teaming up with Responsible Charity to raise enough money to fund the education and education-related needs of 40 children in India. Here's how Responsible Charity outlines the project:

Private tuitions in India are standard for middle and upper-middle-class children that attend private English medium schools. This is impossible to afford for families living in poverty, let alone for children in slum communities who barely attend a crumbling and inefficient public school system where they rarely stay in past class 6.

Our Mentorship Program provides private one-on-one tuition sessions focused on individual support to all the underprivileged children enrolled in our scholarships program, where they receive a fully paid education in reputable private English medium schools in Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune from the time they join us in childhood right until college graduation; just like children from middle and upper-middle classes.

Since they cannot get help with their studies at home, interns are assigned to each child and committed to them on a fixed schedule (average of four sessions per child per week, each session lasts two hours.) This guarantees better performance and full integration in the institutions that they attend.

775 million adults lack minimum literacy skills; one in five adults is still not literate. Two-thirds of them are women; 60.7 million children are out-of-school, and many more attend irregularly or drop out. According to UNESCO's "Global Monitoring Report on Education for All (2006)", South and West Asia have the lowest regional adult literacy rate (58.6%), followed by sub-Saharan Africa (59.7%), and the Arab States (62.7%). Countries with the lowest literacy rates in the world are Burkina Faso (12.8%), Niger (14.4%) and Mali (19%). The report shows a clear connection between illiteracy and severe poverty, and between illiteracy and prejudice against women. Read more:

Since 2010, Responsible Charity's community centers have provided birth control, family planning and secular education for hundreds of families living in slum communities, but they can't do it without you.

Responsible Charity covers the costs of birth control, surgery, food and more because these are the common obstructions in the way of education for children living in poverty. Even if they have the tuition for school, a sick mother can prevent that child from attending.

It's Secular Education 360°: tackling education from every angle, and we need your help.

$ 11 Keeps a child in school for a month. Just $11. That's a pizza. It's a ticket to a movie or a latte and a muffin. $11 isn't much to us, but that's a life-changing education to one child.

$1760 is our first goal. This will keep all 40 kids in school until the end of the year.

$3,080: Will pay for school for the 1st Quarter of 2021

$4,400: Will pay for school for all forty kids until the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2021

$5,720: Will cover school for all forty children until the end of the 3rd Quarter 2021

$7,040: Covers school for all the children for all of 2021

So what do you say? Can you afford $11 to send a kid to school for a month and forever change the community he lives in?

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