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Introducing the International Atheist Chamber of Commerce™

The past couple of weeks have been full of ups and downs. While we continue to hold out, nervously, for word about our advisory board member, Mubarak Bala and his well being, we know that we have to continue on with the work that meant so much to him. So much that he was willing to risk his life. It is in his honour that we are ready to announce the next big project at IAA. It’s a little different from the things we’re normally focused on around here, but we hope you’ll be just as excited as we are about it. Introducing the International Atheist Chamber of Commerce™!

Now, before you go scoffing at the idea and muttering about religion having nothing to do with business, let us explain where this idea came from. We think you’ll see that this fills a need for many atheist freelancers and business owners. Of our three co-founders, two have been freelancers for many years. Both Bridget and Courtney have, on numerous occasions, either been looked over for a job or turned down for a job when the client found out we are open about our atheism. This has happened in Canada and the USA and so we imagine it happens in many other countries as well. It wasn’t until each of us realized that we could market our services to atheist business owners specifically that we felt some security when pitching different freelance jobs. We want to open this up to all atheists in business. We want to provide a B2B networking solution that leaves all that anxiety about being an outspoken atheist out of it. This network will consist exclusively of atheist and atheist-friendly businesses. We will be launching this network in the coming weeks and we want you to be part of it. As we grow, we will build on our new business network adding membership benefits and real-world networking opportunities and turning this network into a true Chamber of Commerce.

Check out our introduction video here:

If you’re an atheist business owner or a business owner that doesn’t mind working with openly atheist people, pop your email address in the field below and we’ll let you know when it’s time to start networking. You can also bookmark our website here.

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