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Last Month at IAA: August 2020

Our five-month anniversary is tomorrow and we are continuing our efforts to be very transparent with our fundraising. We now have a dedicated page for our campaign fundraisers here. We will be adding more financials and our 990s once we file with the IRS.

September Focus: Secular Education 360° in India

Tackling Education from Every Angle

This month we are supporting the incredible work being accomplished in Kolkata via the humanist group Responsible Charity (RC).

Please Give Your Support Here

RC develops radical secular education and family programs for children living in slum communities in Kolkata, Pune and Mumbai aimed at eradicating poverty. Their 15 year plan starts at childhood and ends in college graduation.

They do so by:

-Selection - Identifying children most likely to succeed.

-Scholarships - Full sponsorship in private English medium schools.

-Mentorship - Private tuitoring & personal coaching. -Music & more - Creative afterschool programs. -Community Outreach - Financial assistance for each household. -Family Planning - Birth control & medical assistance. -Sustainability - Jobs & income opportunities for parents.

Our Goals for this Campaign:

$1,760: To cover 40 children through December 31, 2020

We know many of your kids are back to school this month and with that comes costs, but perhaps you could spare $11 for a child in India could go as well? Read more about what RC does.

Last month was exciting! The #oneATHEIST campaign was a resounding success

We said, let's change how the world views atheists, #oneATHEIST at a time. We said, let’s build a positive community of atheists, #oneATHEIST at a time. And you agreed and came out in full force pledging to change the way the world views atheists. We received hundreds and hundreds of stories, pledges and yes, selflies from all over the world! This is only the beginning!

You can still participate. Take a photo of yourself holding a sign with #oneATHEIST on it. We want to share your selfies, so submit them here.


We are each #oneATHEIST. Imagine what we can do together!

Last month you gave us a sample of what this great community is by raising $1500 in SEVEN hours to fund 5 DIY Sanitary Pad Projects in DR Congo by humanists groups! Thank you!

Read more here. Sign the petition here.

Member of the Month

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce September's Member of the Month, Al Acton. He was in the first 100 to become a member.

"The IAA is a great organization for trying to help others around the globe that are struggling with leaving their religion. It's a great way to prove we are good without gods."

We thank you, Al for your commitment to IAA.

Members join to pledge continued support to our many initiatives. There is no requirement to be active in any way once a member has joined, but Al is a constant show of support on all social media channels. Become a Member Now Multiple Volunteer Opportunities! We are growing fast and we need your support. These are currently volunteer oriented but we hope that many will turn into paid positions very soon. Click to explore.

New Partners

We have raised over $17,500 USD for our partners and are so excited for the opportunity to support more. We are always happy to welcome new organizations into our family. We have two new partner this month: Democratique Republique Du Congo (DEHASSO) is a humanist organization that was formed in 2015 by 3 people. It was formed purposely to promote humanism in

Democratique Republique Du Congo. It unites all humanist organization in

Kasese United Humanist Association is a registered community-based organization set up in 2009. They are registered with Kasese District Development Network and is located in Muhokya, Kasese district in Western Uganda. They advocating for a free and secular society in Uganda.

If you are part of an organization that considers itself atheist, humanist or atheist-friendly, consider signing up to be our partner now. It's totally free.

Sign up to be a partner here

Membership Bonus

One of the benefits of becoming a member is the free "swag bag" that comes with it. You get (depending on your level of membership) a membership card, a bumper sticker, a lapel pin and a tote bag. Use your bumper sticker to declare your atheism and humanitarianism to the world with pride. Our colorful lapel pin sets off any outfit adding a declaration of your commitment to being part of a force for good in the world. And what better way to carry all your swag, but our tote bag. It's useful too, as you can use it to carry many other things as well.

To become a member, click here

To buy a lapel pin, click here now!


We want to welcome all the new members who have signed up in the last week. Becoming a member is the best way to ensure you're supporting all causes of the fastest-growing atheist non-profit in the world. We prioritize secular education, legal aid for blasphemy, safety for atheists around the world, networking for atheist business owners and so much more. Become a member today and be part of something big.

To become a member, click here Thank You

We accomplish very little without you. You enable us and we cannot thank you enough. Thank you.

International Association of Atheists. Registered 501(c)(3). EIN: 84-5017578

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