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Part 2- #oneATHEIST Stories: Unfiltered

Again we are overwhelmed by the number of stories you've shared. Thank you again for participating in our first official community-building campaign. You are #oneATHEIST of many but together we can make the world stand up and notice that atheists can be good people. All stories are unedited.

If you haven't shared your story yet, we'd like to read it AND share it: Share Your Story

1. An atheist society is a desirable society, which unfortunately has not yet been created as a desirable society in Afghanistan, and the people suffer from Islamic extremism and are sacrificed every day. I like to work to create a desirable and atheistic society. #oneATHEIST -Mohammed from Afghanistan

2. We are cool here, Just a little oppression from religion people, Islam precisely -Hamzat from Nigeria

3. I promote secular values in this part of the world, I run Kasese Humanist School, Bizoha Humanist Center and several humanist initiatives. I promote evidence based learning, critical thinking and living a life free from belief in magic and superstitions. -Robert from Uganda

Twitter Handle: @kuhauganda

4. Left religion nearly a decade ago. Atheist community has been my support/lifeline. Grateful for a supporting community.

-Matt from USA

5. I have been a non believer for nearly 20 years. It has given me clarity on my moral choices and simplicity on determining right from wrong, folklore from fact and living a life based upon making the world better as opposed to obeying doctrine.

-Paul from USA

Twitter Handle- @sullybaseball

6. I’ve been a nonbeliever since I was ten years old (I’m 30 now). Two years ago the Atheist community helped me to come to terms with my Atheism, and help me understand the world better. I also have a better understanding of evolution and skepticism. I am now a proud and unabashed Atheist. I have Aron Ra and John and KC Gleason of the Godless Engineer YouTube channel to thank for my coming out as an Atheist. They are amazing activists and great people! Together we can all be great! -Nick from USA Twitter Handle: @RunedWarrior09

7. Pakistani born Atheist, blogger and an ExMuslim. Fighting for the rights for people like me holding just different opinions and got prosecuted!

-Muhammad in Ireland

Twitter Handle: @SheikhAhmed1998

8. at the age of 9, I was invited to withdraw from the catechism, due to some questions and blasphemies.

-Tiago from Brazil

9. Hello, I am Brazilian from a city located in the south of the country, in the state of Parana. Since I was 13 years old I consider myself an Atheist, I grew up in an evangelical family environment and I was always afraid to tell my family. Today at age 21 I no longer care what people think of me and I use my freedom as a way for more Brazilians to reveal themselves Atheist to the world, even though Brazil is a secular democratic country many people are still inside their closets for fear of losing friends or afraid of their families not accepting them. However, we are 8% of Brazil and today I say to all my dear friends of the nation, don't be afraid. You are not alone!

-Felipe in Saito

Twitter Handle: @FelipeDSaito

We hope you liked reading this second installment of stories as much as we did. If you'd like to share yours, please submit here. If you'd like to participate in other ways please check out the #oneATHEIST page and take the pledge, donate (we have new a donation page that we feel is more transparent), buy yourself some swag, or become a member and help us remain sustainable.

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