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Press release about IAA and SUN

Today, july 18th, IAA sent out a press release about the developments, members and partners were already informed about.

The International Association of Atheists will end it’s activities and hand over the successful Secular Underground Network to a European Foundation

The International Association of Atheists has decided to dismantle the organisation. The Secular Underground Network, initiated by IAA in 2020, will be continued and accommodated by a European foundation. As a result, assistance to atheists and apostates who are persecuted, threatened, ostracized or molested can be expanded.

When IAA started over a year ago the initiators intended to make a difference for a lot of atheists around the world, especially those in needy situations, and to start numerous education projects for critical thinking. The amount of requests for help has increased immensely since then. Handling all these projects and cases with a small group of volunteers appeared to be very time consuming. In combination with rigid rules in Canada for starting up a charity and doing financial transactions worldwide, the board felt that the bureaucracy stopped them from growing and expanding their activities effectively. Therefore the board took a drastic decision.

How IAA will dissolve and SUN will move on

IAA will come to an end as an Inc, and the Secular Underground Network will continue as a community, under supervision of the Foundation id Fix, that is based in the Netherlands.

  • A community website has been built by id Fix, that is being released this week. Atheists, agnosts, apostates and people that support the cause of a secular society can join and connect with each other, the clients and partner organisations.

  • SUN will increase the efforts working as a network of (semi-professional) volunteers from all over the world: case managers, country specialists, therapists to actually help people, and bloggers, social media experts to bring out stories of the people we’re supporting and help raise funds.

  • The current volunteers are now in India, Australia, Nigeria, Uganda, United Kingdom, Iran, Turkey, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. Crucial in helping people to get to safety are the partner organisations in many countries. They give information, provide shelter, know the laws and regulations that help guide people that are persecuted.

  • For clients who are still in dangerous situations a safe space is created where they can meet each other and speak openly about their sorrows and feelings.

  • People will be invited to become committed supporters, or so-called “Secular Rebels”.

What IAA has achieved in the past 15 months

Thanks to the support of thousands of members and donors, financially, with their knowledge and cooperation, IAA has accomplished some great things for atheists around the world:

  • IAA raised $8,000 for legal aid to Mubarak Bala

  • 47 children received teaching materials for secular education

  • 41 Congolese orphans had their school fees paid for a year

  • 5 humanist organizations were supported by the funding of sanitary pads for school-age girls

  • dozens of atheists on the run were supported, including 2 families with young children, some of whom are now safe with some still receiving financial support from IAA.

IAA wholeheartedly thanks everyone who supported the our common cause with your effort, donations, knowledge, partnership or moral support. The people behind IAA will continue as supporters and members of the Secular Underground Network (aka Secular Rebels) and the more people will join, the more successful it will be, and the more humans we can give a safe future.

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