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This Week At IAA Friday 26 June 2020

We may be overworked and exhausted, but we are not too tired to be overjoyed at how fast we are growing and getting things done. Here's a quick recap of our week.

We are Worldwide!

A lot of our energy is put into developing relationships with other atheist and humanist organizations around the world. After all, you can never have too many friends right?

We are delighted to announce that we now have partners on every inhabited continent now that the Rationalist Society of Australia has joined our ranks. Welcome aboard!

If you would like your organization to partner with International Association of Atheists, please click here to sign up.


It has been nearly two months since Mubarak Bala was illegally detained by the Nigerian Police and held without charge.

We are delighted to be able to tell you that there has been a step forward in the case, albeit a little one. After weeks of stonewalling and delaying tactics by the Nigerian authorities, Mubarak's lawyers have finally been granted permission to meet with him. This hasn't happened yet, but at least we are a little closer to resolving the problem.

Read more here.

A huge thank you to all our supporters and let's not ease off now. We still. have a mountain to climb.

IAA Membership Cards and Pins

Finally! Now that things are beginning to settle down post lockdown, we have at last been able to start distributing membership cards and pins to paid members of IAA. We can only apologize for the delay, but as you are all aware, Covid got in the way of many things, including deliveries. Rest assured that you should start receiving your membership packs very soon.

Thank you all for your patience.

If you wish to become a member, feel free to click here.

Free Hearts, Free Minds Fundraiser

We honestly cannot thank you enough for your support of this worthy cause.

Free Hearts, Free Minds is Yasmine Mohammed's organization that provides professional services for ex-Muslims who still live in Islamic countries. Our fundraiser is nearing the end of its run and we are blown away by your generosity as the amount currently stands at just over $2,600.00.

We honestly cannot thank you enough for your support of this worthy cause. If you haven't contributed, but still wish to donate, feel free to follow the link below. Every dollar counts!

Free Hearts, Free Minds GoFundMe

Secular Underground Network

Their work continues apace, working extremely hard to assist atheists around the world in difficult and dangerous situations. Offering advice, counselling and assistance with documentation and navigating the legalities involved. Some of the stories we are dealing with are devastating and terrifying, and it saddens us that we are dealing with people as young as fourteen who fear for their lives. The SUN team continue to amaze us with their dedication and professionalism, however, and they continue to bring us a great deal of hope. We could really use you as an ally and the best way to do that is to become a member of IAA. Join now.


There are now several vacancies for an apprenticeship with IAA.

You could acquire many work skills that will be of benefit in a variety of workplaces and learn administrative, marketing, budgeting and organizational skills that will help you all your working life. You might earn some experience in management and team building. You'll also get to learn about the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face.

There is also a small stipend as our thanks to you, and you'll be able to walk away with a letter of reference and a group of friends who can vouch for you in any professional setting.

While it can be hectic, stressful and even heartbreaking sometimes, the good far outweighs the bad, and working with a non-profit organization can only look good on your resume.

Click here if these opportunities interest you.


The need for volunteers never slows. Whether you can only spare an hour a month or want to help out full-time, we can use your skills!

Volunteer for IAA.

Thank You

We accomplish nothing without you. You enable us and we cannot thank you enough.

Thank you.

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