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This Week At IAA Friday 5 June 2020

Well, it's certainly been a busy few days for IAA and we wanted to make sure that all our members are kept up to date with what we're doing, so this is the first in a series of regular posts to do just that.

First, however, we would like to take a moment to recognize the turmoil in the United States of America. The founders of IAA stand with the protesters and the Black Lives Matter message. While we are sad to see cities descend into chaos, we understand the pain and anger that these demonstrations are a manifestation of. We hope, with every morsel of our beings, that all of this results in real and lasting change. Please, stay safe out there.


This has been a primary focus for us since Mubarak was arrested in late April and held incommunicado ever since. We have been working with several other organizations to raise awareness of his situation as well as raising funds for his legal fees. With your support, we raised a sizeable sum and have now transferred the money to Humanist International, the organization that has hired Mubarak's lawyers.

Screenshot of the wire transfer from our bank account

We have managed to engage the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and the British Ambassador to Nigeria, who have both been asking questions of the Nigerian Authorities. The UK Government also announced on June 2 that they are watching the Mubarak Bala situation. Our president, Gail Miller has been in talks with the Canadian High Commission to Nigeria to investigate ways they can add weight to the growing pressure we are putting on the Nigerian government.

Mubarak is still being held by the Nigerian police and we still do not know his condition or even if he is still alive. But the struggle continues.

Free Hearts, Free Minds Fundraiser

Free Hearts, Free Minds is Yasmine Mohammed's organization that provides professional services for ex-Muslims who still live in Islamic countries. We are running a fundraiser to help them and with two days left, we are currently at $1,434 of our $1,500 goal. If you want to contribute to this worthy cause, please follow this link and help us reach our target.

Free Hearts, Free Minds GoFundMe

IAA Merchandise

We opened our new merchandise shop and now have our first item ready for pre-order. It is a t-shirt bearing the logo Atheist and Queer in rainbow lettering. As the organization grows, expect to see more merchandise for sale.

Express yourself and wear it with pride. Let the world know your position.

Secular Underground Network

SUN is an important new initiative that aims to help atheists in trouble all around the world. Our partners are teaming up with us to help them escape from potentially life-threatening situations. A huge shoutout to our Co-Directors of SUN, Nancy Drew and Deana Naraparaju. Thank you for your constant hard work.

Even though this is a brand new initiative, we are already working on a handful of cases.If you want to support this work, please consider becoming a member.

IAA Membership Packs

There have been several delays in sending out membership packs to paid members, for which we can only apologize. In our defence, COVID-19 has caused huge shipping delays, especially with our pins, so we have been basically stuck. However, we should be able to send out some of the packs by early next week.

If you want in on our bumper stickers, pins and more, click here to become a member.


We still need volunteers in many different areas of our organization. Join a team of compassionate, smart and hard-working people who have fun while they work. Whether you can only spare an hour a month or want to help out full-time, we can use your skills!

Volunteer for IAA.

Thank You

The whole team here at IAA wants to take this opportunity to thank you, all of you, whether you are a member, a volunteer, a partner, or simply a supporter who likes, shares and comments on our social media.

Without you, we would not be able to continue our work helping people all around the world. You're good people and you're world changers!

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