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We have no idea if Mubarak Bala is alive so it's time to up the ante

We need to know what Mubarak's physical condition is. We need to demand that Mubarak be allowed to see his lawyers. Everyone has come together to build a legal aid fund for Mubarak and he now has enough to pay for his legal defence, but the Nigerian authorities are not allowing him to speak to his lawyers.

You have chipped in money.

You have signed our petition.

You have tweeted to the Nigerian authorities.

You have sent the Nigerian embassies letters.

It's time to kick this up a notch.

We are asking you now to call the Nigerian police and make them regret they ever laid eyes on Mubarak Bala in the first place.

These are the numbers you need:

Kano Assistant Inspector General, Sadiq Bello: 234 803 314 1343

Kano State Commissioner of Police, Habu Sani: 234 803 245 1594

Police Public Relations Office, Abuja: 234 803 837 5844

In the USA and Canada. dial 011 and then the number. In the UK, you must dial 00 and then the number. From Australia, dial 0011 and then the destination number. In New Zealand, you have to dial 00 and then the phone number. Same for South Africa. For all other countries, just perform a Google search for your country's exit code and that's what you need to dial before the number you are trying to reach.

When you call, you should demand the following:

  1. Ask for confirmation of Mubarak's physical condition.

  2. Demand to know if he has been formally charged with anything.

  3. If he has not, demand his immediate release as Nigerian law stipulates he must be if he is not charged within 24 hours of being apprehended.

  4. Insist he is allowed to speak to his team of lawyers.

We must put the pressure on the Nigerian authorities so they know that the world is watching. We must know what Mubarak's condition is first and foremost.

We need to point out that there is no need to be rude. There is no need to be racist or judgmental or hateful. We have the moral high ground and we must not give it up because we are upset by this. Be firm. Be reasoned. Be demanding. But do not sink to a lower level.

Go! Call them! Let's get some answers!

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