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We're Taking a Break From Donations

The world is grappling with unprecedented uncertainty. No one can plan for the future at this time, and nonprofits are no different. International Association of Atheists is only two weeks old. In those two weeks, we have raised over $6000, amassed over 100 members, began taking on partners and launched our first initiative. We can tell you that in this time, all three of us have been working so hard, to the point of exhaustion, to get everything up and running. We were working on the Secular Underground Network or SUN, which aims to be the mechanism through which all secular and atheist organizations that are working to save atheists and apostates in danger can do so with a joint effort.

We were working on new ways to expand secular education in places like Uganda and Kenya and Somalia. We were building our billboard grant program and researching the demographics of countries where we wanted to place billboards. We were also working on building a very cool resource for atheist business owners. Of course, you already know about our Humanist Humanitarian Hangouts and we hope you join us for them later this week. Sign up here. However, as each day goes by, and we find ourselves deeper and deeper in isolation and further into a pandemic, we have begun to rethink our approach. As more and more people find themselves struggling financially, we have been forced to ask ourselves if it is ethical to be asking you for money to run our programs. We think the answer is no. No, it is no longer ethical to ask for your financial assistance to run our programs. So, for the time being, we are putting them on hold. Don't worry, we'll still be working to build these initiatives from the ground up, but we're going to put off everything that comes with a price tag for now. If you still want to help, sign up to volunteer. By the time we all emerge safely from our isolation, we'll be more prepared than ever to take this to the next level. We'll still be on Facebook and Twitter, checking in on everyone and sharing our thoughts and progress with you, but for now, you keep your donations. We need to get through this pandemic first. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to making our launch so successful. We want to thank our new members for supporting us and our new partners for joining in with our fight for a secular world. Most of all, we want to implore you to stay home, wash your hands and get through this with us. We're all going to need each other more than ever when this is all over. So stay safe. Sincerely, the ladies of International Association of Atheists

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