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Welcome To New Members of the team

The International Association of Atheists is dedicated to making the world a better and safer place, and as such strives to provide help and assistance to people all around the world. To that end we would like to introduced you to the newest members of the team.

Secular Underground Network

Leading our new initiative called the Secular Underground Network (SUN) dedicated to helping those in danger due to their religious position, life choices or sexuality is Deana Naraparaju, ably assisted by Nancy Drew.

Co-Director of Secular Underground Network

Deana is an archaeologist by profession, and a lifelong atheist with three grown-up children. She is also a pro-active blogger and activist in a world that needs more humanism.

She will leading the team that can hopefully help change lives for the better.

Co-Director of Secular Underground Network

Working with Deana will be Nancy Drew (pseudonym) who will carry out the investigations and checks for every request for assistance. For personal and professional reasons, she prefers to remain anonymous.

Nancy will be the initial point of contact in every case and will decide how best to go forward after any checks have been carried out.

Director of Communications

Andrew Hobson's responsibility will be coordinating and controlling publicity for our various initiatives via social media and communication with the media.

He became active in online atheist activism and a vocal supporter of human rights in 2014, helping with the original #FreeMubarak campaign.

Andrew lives in Yorkshire, UK with his two dogs, Charlie and Veronica and spends his time playing with them, long walks (when lockdowns allow) and doing his bit to help victims of human rights abuse around the world.

We are very excited to welcome these three to the team. They come with such fire and enthusiasm for the causes we are fighting for and have already proven themselves invaluable.

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