Abandoning Islam is considered as crime of apostasy in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, but Asif and his wife had stoicly chosen to accept the risk of living an authentic life as non-believers regardless. Sharia Law dictates that citizens have an obligation to kill apostates like them. His own extended family took that obligation seriously, issuing a religious edict against them and hunting them down. Asif and his wife are constantly on the run, using anonymous identities and not having a stable home. 


Even more compelling is the fact that these two have a four-year-old daughter. In order to provide for his wife and young child, Asif must find any work he can get - which exposes him to the ever-present threat that haunts him. Beaten so terribly he has been hospitalized, he persists in spite of the death threats that continually pepper his social media accounts. Police refuse to take any action to protect him and his family, despite his attempts to minimize the visibility of his apostasy. 


He hopes to escape to a safer country where his daughter can grow up without fear - where a family’s personal beliefs do not inspire their brethren to hunt them down. With your help, we can relocate this innocent young family and help them get that new start.


Asif's Needs


Travelcosts: $ 3500

Living costs in Pakistan $ 400 per month + 1-time $285 rent debt

Asif Monthly Sponsorship

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$10.00monthly/ auto-renew
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