Life has been turned upside down for Nick, ever since he realized he no longer believed in any gods. His family has cursed him, many of his loved ones have simply walked away from him, and others have relentlessly harassed him. His art business has gone bankrupt, his wife has lost her job, and the pandemic has only made things worse. What used to be his support system now tells him his woes are a punishment from god. Some assign him blame, and others just tell him they’ll pray for him. It got to the point where Nick felt so despondent, he tried to end it all. 


In his country, religion is the most important aspect of social life. Even securing a place to rent comes with the religious test. After being evicted multiple times, Nick and his wife found themselves homeless and begging on the streets, having to sleep in the torrential downpours that come with the rainy season. He just wants a chance to quietly start over, hoping to find a way to start a new business and get some kind of a roof over their heads. He is asking for our help to do that in this trying time. 


Nick's Needs


Montlhy living costs: $ 300

Funding for new equipment to startup his sculpting business: $ 500

Nick Monthly Sponsorship

Price Options
$10.00monthly/ auto-renew
$25.00monthly/ auto-renew
$50.00monthly/ auto-renew
$100.00monthly/ auto-renew
$300.00monthly/ auto-renew