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many studies showing that higher education leads to less religiosity. There are also plenty of studies showing that many respected scholars are religious. In the world of statistics, you can manipulate data to come up with any result you want. But there is a clear correlation showing the better educated are less likely to believe a god exists.

However the religiosity of an individual isn’t the concern when it comes to education. What any advanced, prosperous, progressive society must strive for is secularism. There is, indeed, good evidence showing that secularism leads to prosperity, and progressive societies. They are complementary and co-beneficial ideas. Take, for example, Norway. When asked, some 75% of Norwegians say they belong to one religion or another. However only 29% believe in a deity, 26% are atheists, and 45% aren’t certain. Norway is also one of the best countries in the world in which to live. It ranks at or near the top in key indicators such as the human development index, life expectancy, and happiness. You see Norway is *highly* secular. 

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At IAA, we highly value secular education - that is the education of students without interference or influence from religious organisations. We believe that schools should teach information that is based on good scientific studies, information that has expert consensus, and information that is conducive to producing caring, compassionate, knowledgeable young adults. 

It is because of this that we support organisations such as the Kasese Humanist School in Uganda. The School was founded in 2011 and welcomes children from belief and non-belief systems. Because of its foundations of science and humanism, the students at Kasese Humanist School are also taught these values. From their website: “free inquiry and critical thinking based on science philosophy is emphasized and lessons offered are free from dogmas and indoctrinations which is prevalent in the majority of Ugandan communities.” 

In January of 2020, IAA founders Bridget Gaudette & Courtney Heard raised over $4000 USD for Kasese Humanist School. 

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Give Us the power to Fight For Secular Education

In July of 2020, IAA ran a campaign to raise funds for the secular education of orphans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can view our full campaign page here: 

International Association of Atheists raised, in total, $4920. It costs $120 per year for the tuition of a Congolese child, and all money donated goes to the Humanist Global Charity. It's important to note that these children have been orphaned, many of them by Ebola. The persistence of superstitious thinking in DR Congo has lead to many unnecessary deaths from Ebola. Residents of the poverty-stricken country believe in witchcraft and curses and seek assistance from preachers and shamen before they see doctors.  The secular education of kids in DRC will open their minds to scientific thinking and save lives. When we completed our campaign, the volunteers in the DR Congo sent us these lovely photos from the children:

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