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Atheism is on the rise and that is a good thing.  But as more people become atheists, many risk their lives because their governments and communities condemn it.   In fact there are 13 countries where being an atheist is punishable by death.  Non-believers in many other countries face discrimination and harassment from both their families and the authorities. 

The number of Atheists in trouble is growing and they need our help.

IAA is ready to help


Providing assistance is challenging and complex. Requests range from those feeling lonely and isolated in religious communities to those on the run because they have been identified as atheists. There are also many non-believers who left their home countries only to be stuck living in poverty and under restrictions for years in another country while they waited for UNHCR status. As borders close and asylum seekers face fewer options, helping atheists in trouble requires even more hard work and creative solutions.

What Iaa is doing


At IAA, we have a team ready to help.  Our services include: 


  • Legal aid

  • Help for those dealing with the emotional trauma resulting from fear, isolation, rejection

  • Referrals to other organisations with more specialised resources

  • Case by case assessment to determine how best IAA can help

If you need help, please press the button below.

Important: You will need to confirm that you:


  • Give consent for us to share relevant information with various government agencies and/or other welfare organisations that may be helpful with your case.

  • You will be proactive in working with IAA to resolve your situation/expectation to fill out form, apply for jobs.

  • Agree to a vetting process and consent to a background check.

If you Require Assistance, Fill Out The Following Form 


We know our supporters care deeply about this issue and many of you feel the same way we did when we decided to start SUN. We felt helpless. We needed to do something and if that's how you're feeling, too, there are ways you can help: