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Meet our cases in need

Please note that the images depicted are not of the men and women we are helping. Their names are also pseudonyms. Revealing their identity in public can put them in further danger. However, each case has been thoroughly vetted by our team of volunteers.

Image by Joshua Oluwagbemiga


Mumino has suffered constant physical attacks and discrimination since 2006, when he left Islam. He fears for his life and the life of his wife and daughter. 

Image by Muhammad Ali Abbas


Asif, his wife and toddler daughter live on the run from family and acquaintances who have vowed to kill him for his apostasy.

Image by Visual Karsa


Shunned, disowned, harassed and bankrupt just because he no longer believes in god. Nick needs your help to make it.

Image by Adrian Dascal


Omar escaped his family, who were ready to kill him when they found out he was an atheist. He lives in hiding and dreams of freedom.

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris


Sophia is from a Muslim majority country, a mom and a wife. Can you help us provide a safe and healthy space for a mother and her child?

Image by Jhon Jim


Fahad was injured so badly in an attack from religious men, that he has permanent nerve damage and has to travel for medical care.