In May 2020, our friend and colleague, Mubarak Bala, was arrested in Nigeria. We raised over $8000 USD for him and sent it all (after fees) to Humanists International, who had retained Mubarak's lawyers. 


In June, we raised just over $3000 for Free Hearts, Free Minds and sent it all to Yasmine Mohammed to help ex-Muslims in need.


In July 2020, we raised closed to $5000 to send 41 orphans in DR Congo to school. We sent every cent to Humanist Global Charity who, in turn, dispersed the funds to the humanist groups in DR Congo in whose care the orphans are. See the thank yous from the orphans here


In August 2020, we raised $1500 USD for Humanist Global Charity's Sanitary Pad Project. We quickly disbursed the funds to them as seen in the screenshot below. See the messages of thanks we received here


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